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"Eric Guido is a master at creating a dining experience the likes of which
I have never before witnessed." (Alan Kaplan, Cambridge University Press)



*NEW* Interview with Eric Guido of The V.I.P. Table, by Benito's Wine Reviews

Eric Guido Eric Guido started his culinary journey at his grandmothers hip. He grew up with an Italian American family where the food on the table was better than anything they would find elsewhere. His passion for food was fueled by the togetherness that was found at the family table and by the satisfaction it gave to the people he loved. Years of mastering the techniques, taught to him in that kitchen, provided a foundation for what would one day become his passion: food and wine.

Years of soul searching, as a young adult found him spending time in the U.S. Army, Wall Street, the music business, and as the front man for an industrial band before returning to his passion for food. In 2004, he made the decision to attend culinary school at night, while continuing his work in other fields.
It was a trying time in his life, working in a high stress position during the day, while attending school and working an externship at night but, through determination, he endured. It was also during this time that his interest in wine emerged. Attending Wine appreciation classes at The Institute of Culinary Education provided his first introduction to fine wine and a new-found love in life: Italian wine.

With culinary school behind him and working in the New York City restaurant scene, Eric Guido branched out, organizing private dining and tasting events centered around Italian cuisine and wine. It was here that he began to incorporate food photography and recipe development for both advertising and to share his creations with his peers.
Eric Guido
Currently, he can be found as a contributing author for and, as well as the creator of The V.I.P. Table where he transforms his private dining and wine pairing events into the written word, with notes on the wines and recipes for the food.


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